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The stories of MH370 sightings

Many have been the witnesses that claim to have seen flight MH370, some of them saw it flying, others saw it in the sea. It's curious that some witnesses say to have seen a plane flying low and making a huge noise, this is the case of Maldives residents and people in the Thailand-Malaysia border (near Kota Bharu).

The last known position of flight MH370 is at the Gulf of Thailand. Coordinates: 6.920833, 103.578611

Map MH370 eyewitnesses

EYEWITNESSES - 8 March 2014

Oil rig off Vietnam (1:21 am MYT)

"Burning (plane?) at high altitude"

12 Mar 2014, ibtimes

- Oil rig worker from "Songa Mercur" off Vung Tau (Vietnam) sent email to his to his supervisors:
“I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines plane come down. The timing is right. I tried to contact the Malaysian and Vietnam officials several days ago. But I do not know if the message has been received. I'm on the oil rig "Songa Mercur" off Vung Tau... I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude... distance... I'd say about 50-70 Km..."

"While I observed the burning (plane) it appeared to be in ONE piece... From when I first saw the burning (plane) until the flames went out (still at high altitude) was 10-15 seconds... There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary (falling) or going away from our location"
- Vietnamese officials confirmed to ABC that they'd received the letter. Apparently, they found nothing in the water at the location specified.
- Coordinates of the place from where he spotted the plane: 8.375064, 108.706183
"@ABC spoke with Richard Beaton w/Japanese Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co who hired Songa Mercur to drill & confirms
email of Michael Mckay is real"

- Bob Woodruff (@BobWoodruff) March 12, 2014

"The location based on the coordinates given in email from oil rig worker @ABC 08 22' 30.23" N, 108 42' 22.26" E -"
- Bob Woodruff (@BobWoodruff) March 12, 2014

Kota Bharu, Penarik, Marang (1:30-1:45 am MYT)

"Jetliner with lights flying really low and thundering noise"

11 Mar 2014, thestar

"At least nine people - tuna fishermen, farmers and villagers, in Kelantan, have made reports to police about seeing lights in the sky and some said they heard the loud noise of an engine. Actually, four police reports about a low-flying aircraft between 1.30-1.45 am, believed to be the missing flight MH370, have been lodged by eyewitnesses from Kota Bharu, Tumpat and Bachok."

12 Mar 2014, themalaymailonline
"Kelantan police chief handed over four reports to the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)... 'Based on our investigations, all the reports indicated a bearing of 350 degrees north towards the sea,'..."
Note: 350 degrees is 10 degrees West of North.

Marang (Terengganu) - 1:20 am

11 Mar 2014, thestar

"Eight local villagers heard a loud noise or explosion on March 8. They only heard the explosion, but did not see any object. The explosion also sounded like the engine of a jet and came from the north-east of Pulau Kapas at around 1:20 am."

Kota Bharu (Kelantan) -
1:30 am

- Two fishermen who were fishing near Malaysia-Thailand border, 14.4 km from Kuala Besar (Kota Bharu), saw a Jetliner flying really low around 1:30 am.
- Eight fishermen left Kota Bharu for fishing 10 miles out at sea. Suddenly, a plane heading west came thundering overhead, louder and lower than ever seen. Fisherman Azid Ibrahim said he saw a bright light streaking overhead at 1.30 am on Saturday, about 100 miles south of where Mr Alif had seen the light. The plane was flying so low (below the clouds) that he could see the lights “as big as coconuts”.

Penarik (Terengganu) - 1:45 am

"Bus driver saw low-flying plane with blinking beacon lights at Penarik (Terengganu), at about 1:45 am.

Ketereh (1:45 am MYT)

"Descending bright white light towards the sea (Bachok area) North direction"

10 Mar 2014,
ibtimes; 18 Mar 2014, dailymail
- Mr Alif, a businessman from Ketereh, claimed he saw a bright white light, believed to be of an aircraft, descending at high speed towards the South China Sea about 1.45am.
- "I caught a glimpse of the white light. It was moving towards the sea, towards Bachok area, which was unusual. Usually, aircraft that fly over here have their route pattern, but this one went completely towards the other way,"
- The light he witnessed would have been several miles to the north of the flight path the jet was on before it vanished (north instead of a north-east flight path)
- The bright light was the type that aircraft use when taking off and landing at night.

Tumpat (2:00 am MYT)

"Plane flying low with a small burning on tail towards the sea"

11 Mar 2014, astroawani
- In Tumpat
(Kelantan), a farmer claimed he saw a plane flying low with a burning tail as it passed through Kampung Nechang (kampung means village) on Saturday...
- Konok Ibrahim, 60, claimed the incident happened around 2am when he rested after making chili border in the garden of his home nearby.
- He claimed that the plane was flying lower than normal as if wanting to make an emergency landing towards the sea...
- MAS logo clearly visible on the body of the plane and he flew towards the coast of Sri Tujoh... I also saw a small fire in the tail of the plane.
- He saw the plane go against the tide, the shore facing out to sea... 'I watched the plane until out of sight, about five minutes he was flying low towards the Pantai Sri Tujoh'...".

Note: themalaysianinsider (archive) reported: "visible symbol of MAS at the tail"

Map East coast of Malaysia

Off the northern tip of Banda Aceh on a yatch (3:20 am MYT)

lane glowing bright orange flying low from North to South"

2 Jun 2014,

British sailoress, who was travelling with her husband and crew on their ship, thinks to have seen MH370 flying on the night it got missing.
- "On the night (7th-8th March)... was watching the stars... I thought I saw a burning plane cross behind our stern (back part of a boat) from port (left side) to starboard (right side); which would have been approximately North to South"
- "Elongated plane glowing bright orange, with a trail of black smoke behind it..."
She didn't see fire: "I saw something that looked like a plane on fire. That's what I thought it was"
- "It was much lower than the planes which had passed overhead that night this was approx 10,000 to 20,000 feet".
- "There were two other planes passing higher than it - moving the other way - at that time. They had normal navigation lights... I’d guess at the regular 30000-35000 ft... One behind the orange plane and one was more to the North... Both travelling to the North... at this time this was about 7'clock on my boat’s heading"
- She didn't see fire: "I saw something that looked like a plane on fire. That's what I thought it was"
- She didn't hear any noise (boat engine was on, diagnosed of "loud noise-hearing loss"), and she wasn't sure about time.
- "Tonight (30 May?) I heard that they were looking in the wrong place, so we looked back through our GPS log.
- "The GPS time is automatic, so it would have been UST +7"

The GPS logs where published on a forum.
- At 02:00 am, 347° (N-NW), N6 37.075 E94 26.577 (06.6179167, 094.4429500).
- At 02:20 am, 88° (E), (06.6273000, 094.4394333).
- At 02:40 am, 72° (NE), N6 37.840 E94 27.147 (06.6306667, 094.4524500)

- Compass (360º circle): 360º is N, 90º is E, 180º is S, 270º is W.

- From 02:20 am to 06:00 am, her boat is heading East or NE. What she saw was behind the back part of the boat, flying from N-NW to SE (as the boat was heading E-NE).
- According to the coordinates, the boat was o
ff the northern tip of Banda Aceh and Sabang, in front of somewhere between Phuket and Pulau Perak.
- East Aceh and Thailand time zone is UTC+7. So, at 2:20 am, it's 3:20 am in Malaysia.

Kudahuvadhoo-Maldives (
6:15-6:30 am MVT)(9:30 am MYT)

"Low flying jumbo jet making a huge noise from NE to Addu"

18 Mar 2014, haaveru, archive

"Several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo saw a "low flying jumbo jet" at around 6:15 am on March 8. They said that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it. The aeroplane was travelling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives - Addu. They also noted the incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise.
"Satellite data suggests that the last ping was received from the flight somewhere close to the Maldives and the US naval base on Diego Garcia"

If, hypothetically, handshakes are placed in successive order according to time range, from the first to the last ping towards the satellite, the last pings (00:11 and 00:19) actually passes near Maldives & DG.

Map last satellite ping close to Maldives

4 Apr 2015, the australian
"Several people we spoke to believe they saw MH370 about 6.30am (9.30am in Malaysia) that day... Two told The Weekend Australian they could see distinctive red and blue markings - similar to the striping on the missing plane...
“I watched this very large plane bank slightly and I saw its colours - the red and blue lines - below the windows, then I heard the loud noise,’’ says Abdu Rasheed Ibrahim, 47, a court official... "It was unusual, very unusual. It was big and it was flying low. It was a holiday (Saturday) and most people had gone to bed after praying.”
“I saw the blue and red on a bit of the side,’’ Humaam says. “I heard the loud noise of it after it went over. I told the police this too.”
“I’m very sure of what I saw on a very clear and bright day, and what I saw was not normal - the plane was very big, and low"
“It was very big, very noisy, flying low"
“First, I saw the plane flying towards me over water. When it was over my head I saw it starting to turn away. This is the biggest plane I have ever seen from this island. My family says, ‘It might be the Malaysian plane’. I have seen pictures of the missing plane - I believe that I saw that plane. At the time it was lost, I strongly felt those people who were searching should come here.”

Video (English subs): //
- Suspected aircraft parts found in Laamu atoll and in
Vaanee island, near Kudahuvadhoo.
- Plane flew towards Wataniya tower (a telecommunications tower).
- Island Aviation has confirmed that no Dash airplane flew over Kudahuvadhoo at the time in question.

Other eyewitnesses in Maldives

Video phone call to Kudahuvadhoo by John Holloway:
"I just got call from my island friend. He says he believe the fact MH370 was here in Maldives. He got more eyewitnesses from a fishing boat, they saw object with fire from binocular... They tried to go towards that object but some of them didn't agreed to do".
- hassan noori (G+ reply to John Holloway March 26, 2014)

Off Andaman islands flying on SV2798 (2.30 pm MYT)

"Silvery object in the ocean"

21 Mar 2014, thestar

- Raja Dalelah, a housewife from Johor, has claimed she may have spotted the missing MH370 partly submerged in the waters off Andaman islands on March 8 at 2.30 pm. She was on flight SV2058 (actually SV2798) travelling from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
- “Maybe at the time the plane was not flying very high because I saw ships on the water”.
- After her plane flew past Chennai (India), she saw something strange in the ocean, a "silvery object" .
- “I took a closer look and was shocked to see what looked like the tail and wing of an aircraft on the water... I clearly saw the time, it was about 9.30 am (2.30 pm Malaysian time)”.
- She didn't know the exact spot... but she said it was an hour or more out of Chennai, a timeline that would have put her flight just over the Andaman islands.
- When she landed she told her children what she had seen, "That is when they told me that MH370 had gone missing"
- Her boarding pass shows she was sitting at 40A which is on left window.

According to flightmapper, on 8 Mar 2014, SV2798 took off at 03:05 from Jeddah, and SV2058 at 18:00. So the flight must be SV2798 (Jeddah (JED) 03:01 - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) 16:55 MYT; Flight Time 8h 54mins).

Note 2: Estimated location off west Andaman, taking into account that flight time from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur is 3h 50min.

SV2798 Jeddah to KL on March 8. Source: FlightMapper

EYEWITNESSES - 9-10 March 2014

Reunion island - Sainte Anne coast (12:00 pm)(16:00 MYT)

"Large white object off near the sea, weird flat "

17 Sep 2015, zinfos


This sighting happened on 9-10 March 2014.
"Let's say that this object was in alignment with Bassin bleu... I saw a great white spot off"..., "It's weird, it's not a boat," she thought at that moment... On 20 March 2014, she left the story of her sighting on a forum about MH370.
Screenshot: //

Forum message - Google translation:
"I live in Sainte Anne, Reunion island, and after having seen without paying attention the link between/about the plane nh370, the next day "I think" I have seen some something big white off near the sea where I live, it can be one more coincidence but not just in the middle after noon (UTC+4) .... we never know, but now at watching TV I think I could be wrong, and when I look here at the world map (I think) that it can't be that far, but here a witness to help in case... I did not say it could be a wing plane but it's strange because it wasn't a boat, as it was weird flat"

She told her story two days after Air France pilot on AF642 saw large white object off Reunion coast that she decided to tell her story once more.

Map witnesses events on Reunion island

EYEWITNESSES - 12 March 2014

Bali Sea,
flying low on VA4153

"Large white object (shadow of a plane) under the water"

28 Apr 2014, IBTimes

- An Australian man claims he might have spotted the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight sinking in the Indian Ocean, south of Bali, when travelling on flight Virgin Australia VA4153 on March 12.
- While travelling from Melbourne to Bali, he noticed what appeared like a "white shadow of a plane".
- "Just flying low towards Denpasar, I noticed a large white object under the water which appeared to me as a white shadow of a plane... I quickly snapped a pic of the location on my iPhone".
Picture: //


Saturday 8 March 2014

Peureulak, East Aceh (day)

"A plane crash in waters of Peureulak during the day"

18 Mar 2014, antaranews

- "Three fishermen (Irham Manyak, Muhammad Adam and Sulaiman Yakob) from Seunuddon area, North Aceh, said they saw a plane crash in waters of Peureulak, East Aceh, when they went to the sea, on Saturday (08/03/2014).
Commander Amir Yusuf said: "Overnight they preached to us. All three claim to see the plane before it crashed into the sea".
- "The plane crashed during the day, not far from where they were fishing. They are sure that the fallen object is a plane and not something else".

19 Mar 2014,
"The fishermen,
while fishing, watched the presence of smoke in the middle of the ocean in the waters of Peureulak."

Sunday 9 March 2014

Meunasah Puuk Aree,
Northeast Aceh - 03:15 am MYT (night)

"A big fire in the sky of Aceh falling so fast"

13 Apr 2014, atjehpost

"Hasbi, 45, a café owner at Meunasah Puuk Aree, Pidie district, Aceh, claimed to have seen an iron burn in the sky of Aceh when MH370 disappeared on March 8... At around 02:15 am, March 9 morning, 'I saw a big fire in the sky'...'The fall so fast'...the distance between him and the fire... about 500 kilometers... mid-west and south of my position "

Note: Story told via telephone to
atjehpost. The date 8 March at night (02:15 am) is the morning of 9 March actually.

Idi Rayeuk
, East Aceh - 12:28 am MYT (day)

"White plane circling (swirling) and flying low with rear smoke in the waters of Idi Rayeuk (Malacca Strait)"

17-18 Mar 2014, antaranews


Four fishermen (Syahruni, Agus, Hendra and Fadli) from Pangkalan Susu that went to the sea on Sunday 8 March, for a week of fishing, claim to have seen a plane crash in the waters of Idi Rayeuk (Malacca Strait), East Aceh.
- Hendra explained they saw a white plane flashed in the air, on Sunday March 9 2014 at 11:28 am
(Time Indonesia: UTC+7).
- They saw a white plane crossing and circling (swirling); then, the plane showed smoke coming from the right rear portion when it circled for a second round and tilted to the left. A moment later, the plane, flying lower, fell from sight.
- They saw a plane suspected to be Malaysia aircraft swirling at 40 Mile Radius of East Aceh waters. After thick smoke, it suddenly disappeared.
- "We suspect the plane crashed into the sea". The fishermen were not able to determine what kind of plane.
- According to a fisherman, a plane carrying 7 passengers citizens of Indonesia was seen spinning five times, taking out thick cloud of smoke, and eventually disappear.
"The fisherman explained that they went out to the sea on Sunday (2 March) to fish for a week. On Sunday (9 March) at around 11:00 am, they watched a white plane crossing the air and spinning lower."
- "Our distance to the alleged plane crashed about five nautical miles," said Hendra.
- "They returned to the mainland on Thursday (13 March) and learned, the day after, about the loss of the Malaysian aircraft".

5º21'943''N, 98º18'613''E (antaranews), 5°22'33.94"N, 98°15'31.42"E (ajnn).

Map Indonesia eyewitnesses

- Google translates "pada 9 Maret 2014 pukul 11.28 WIB" as "on March 9, 2014 at 11:28 pm". WIB means Western Indonesian Time (+7 UTC). So, the time when fishermen saw a plane is 11:28 am (day).
- The 17 March antaranews article (Idi Rayeuk story) mentions "Sunday 8 March at 11am". The 18 March antaranews article (google translation) says 9 March at 11:28am". Actually, 7 Mar 2014 was Friday late night, already Saturday, when plane disappeared. 8 Mar 2014 was Saturday.
- Antaranews (Idi Rayeuk story) said "they went to the sea on Sunday 8 March", and Bisnis reported "they went out to the sea on Sunday (2 March)" to fish for a week.
- It's my impression that the three fishermen (
Peureulak story) and the four fishermen (Idi Rayeuk story) watched the same "something" over the same zone of the sea, but one of the two stories must have a mistaken date.
- The timing (night) in the
café owner story, if correct, makes it hard that it can be related to the fishermen story. On the other hand, we don't know what exact direction he was looking at ("mid-west and south of my position").


Curtin University acoustic signal

11 June 2014, nature
On 8th March 2014 the acoustic station in Perth Canyon recorded a distinctive signal at 01:30 UTC.
"Sensitive microphones on the ocean floor off Australia picked up a distinctive signal at about the time that the plane is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean... The last transmission from flight MH370, an electroni ‘handshake’ between the aircraft’s communication system and a satellite, took place at 00:19 UTC"

5 Sep 2014, nature
"On 3 September the researchers recovered data from another IMOS station... Combining the data gave a fix on the location of the sound as the geologically active Carlsberg Ridge (south-west of India).... the signal probably resulted from geological activity".

Estimated location of the sound, Nature via twitter

1 Jun 2015, australian parliament
"Signal came from the northwest, in the central Indian Ocean, with the most likely location calculated to be 5.93°S, 77.22°E with a corresponding time of the event approximately of 00:39 UTC".

Note: The time it takes for the sound to reach the acoustic station depends on the distance and the speed of sound in water (1500m/s).

10 Dec 2014,
"The satellite data and the acoustic data can’t both be correct, so our acoustic data is likely to be a signal of geological origin,” says Duncan.

“But there are other pieces of evidence that make us reluctant to completely rule out
the possibility of it being the aircraft: the timing is consistent with being shortly after the last aircraft transmission, and the location is where the MH370 would have run out of fuel if it had stayed on course from its last known position. You have to accept the satellite data, but if it eventually transpires that there is a problem with that data, our location is the first place you would search.”

Location controversy:

The estimated location by Curtin University is
Carlsberg Ridge (south-west of India).
- According to Nature magazine:
Carlsberg Ridge, somewhere SouthWest of Kudahuvadhoo (Maldives)
- According to Australian parliament: 5.93°S, 77.22°E (East of Diego Garcia)
Location of Carlsberg Ridge: From Somalia to Rodrigues island, West of Maldives and Chagos.

Two published locations of Curtin sound

Possibility of seismic activity:

After doing a search on US Geological Survey site, with these parameters:
Date 2014-03-6 00:00:00 UTC to 2014-03-15 00:00:00
Magnitude (min 0,5, max 10)
Custom Rectangle: [-15.623, 14.605] Latitude, [52.734, 85.254] Longitude

We can check that in that zone of the Indian Ocean, only two events happened during that period of time (6-15 Mar 2014): Carlsberg Ridge (
2.345°N 66.839°E) 2014-03-07 07:40:38 (UTC), Carlsberg Ridge 2014-03-14 17:49:22 (UTC).

The 7 Mar 2014 event at 7:40 UTC (13:40 pm in Maldives, 15:40 pm in Malaysia) happened just the day before to the Maldives sighting and the Curtin acoustic signal.
No additional seismic activity (not even of low magnitude), in that zone of the Indian Ocean for 8 Mar 2014, was found on the USGS site.

Smoke from North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, where a group of indigenous people, the Sentinelese, live on. About fire, the use it, but "they do not know how to make it" (Independent, 1993).

8 March 2014, drroyspencer

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer related this on his blog:
"Most days I check out the global MODIS imagery at the NASA Worldview website, and today I zoomed in on North Sentinel Island, in the Bay of Bengal. Looking through recent days, I noticed a plume of smoke starting on the afternoon of Saturday, March 8. Ever since then, there has been smoke evident on most of the days, through yesterday, and it seems to emanate from the north side of the island... I doubt that there is a connection to the missing flight, which would be a real shot in the dark. But it is a strange coincidence."
"Nor was there smoke earlier this month before the plane disappeared".

Tips for the nasa site:
- 20km; 91.242º, 11.685º
- Base layers (corrected reflectance): true color aqua modis unchecked; true color terra modis checked.

Smoke North Sentinel Island (13 Mar 2014), via twitter

16 Mar 2014, skytruth

"At 4:30 GMT, NASA’s Terra satellite recorded a smokeless image of the island. But 3 hours later, when Aqua passed overhead at 7:35 GMT, the satellite captured the image of a distinct smoke plume."
"Dr. Robert Holzworth, director of the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) at the University of Washington: 'I can say with high confidence that there was no evidence of any lightning within 200 km of N. Sentinel Island.'..."

The screenshot of North Sentinel island: NASA Modis Aqua.

Smoke North Sentinel Island (8 Mar 2014 at 7:35 UTC), via skytruth

15 Mar 2014, reuters
"By the time MH370 got missing, a mysterious smoke was spotted coming from North Sentinel Island (Andaman). The cause of the smoke seemed to be a fire... 'I can confirm we've been watching the smoke on the island by air and by boats along the coast for some time... But we believe it has nothing to do with the missing Malaysia Airlines plane'...".

15 Mar 2014, cnn
"The international airport in Port Blair, the regional capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, has a runway that is long enough to accommodate a 777"

15 Mar 2014, reuters
Indian senior official: "We have many radar systems operating in this area, but nothing was picked up... It's possible that the military radars were switched off as we operate on an 'as required' basis".

25 Apr 2014,
"On April 04 Andaman Sheekha reported about a massive forest fire in Sentinel Island... The fire was seen spread over an area of 900+ acres... One of the experts of MH370 search team had earlier reported about this fire to Andaman Sheekha."


Saturday, 8 Mar 2014

1:20 am: "Explosion or loud noise", Marang (Terengganu)
1:21 am: "Burning (plane?) at high altitude" , Oil rig off Vietnam
1:30 am:
"Jetliner with lights flying really low & thundering noise heading West", Kota Bharu (Kelantan)
1:45 am: "Low-flying plane with blinking beacon lights", Penarik (Terengganu)
1:45 am: "Descending bright white light towards the sea (Bachok area) in North direction", Ketereh (Kelantan)
2:00 am: "Plane flying low with a small burning on tail", Tumpat (Kelantan; Thai frontier)
3:20 am: "Plane glowing bright orange flying low from N to S", Off Banda Aceh on a yatch
9:30 am: "Low flying jumbo jet making a huge noise from NE to Addu", Kudahuvadhoo-Maldives
2.30 pm: "Silvery object in the ocean", Off Andaman islands on SV2798
Day: "A plane crash in waters of Peureulak during the day", Peureulak (East Aceh)

Sunday, 9 Mar 2014

12:28 am: "White plane circling and flying low with rear smoke in the waters of Idi Rayeuk (Malacca Strait)", Idi Rayeuk (East Aceh)
03:15 am: "A big fire in the sky of Aceh falling so fast", Meunasah Puuk Aree (North-East Aceh)

Sunday, 9 Mar 2014 - Monday, 10 Mar 2014

16:00 pm: "Large white object off near the sea, weird flat", Reunion island - Sainte Anne coast